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2014 was great for business at ProPump And Controls, Inc! Forecast for 2015: more of the same!
We hope that all of our customers experienced the same busy year that we did last year. The economy is moving, unemployment has dropped significantly, and people and businesses are spending money again.
At ProPump And Controls, we finished a record year for sales, with nice projects across our region and beyond.
Traffic at our newly released website is growing steadily, and we have people hard at work entering new products daily.
Problems with 40 year old wet wells are not going away -- see accompanying photo -- and our crews continue to take on new renovation challenges, helping our customers out of tough situations.
Where the costs for excavation and installing the necessary wet well for a vertical turbine pump applicaton are prohibitive due to rock, steep terrain, or ponds with shallow profiles, many pump vendors promote submersible pumps mounted on sleds, to circumvent the high initial installation cost. Submersible sled systems are certainly cheap up front, but they can be a maintenance nightmare when a pump or motor problem occurs. At ProPump And Controls, we prefer to specify horizontal centrifugal pump stations with automatic vacuum pump systems which are easy to install, and much more economical to maintain than a submersible sled system.
And for those customer who have the funds for the more difficult and expensive installations, and for whom nothing less than a vertical turbine systems will do, ProPump And Controls will tackle work that leaves our competition shaking their heads "No." Check out our website for pictures of some of the more challenging installations we've done -- safely, effectively, and built for decades of service.
More and more customers are taking the advice of people like us, who live and breathe equipment, repairs, and maintenance. We believe in spending less on gadgets, and more on basic features which enhance the longevity of their pump stations. The added cost to up size a VFD, add a mid-size jockey pump to complement the output of a pair of 75 HP pumps, or take some additional anti- corrosion measures, can add years to the life of specific components and increase overall system reliability.
2015 Service And Safety Meeting
As this is being written, members of the ProPump And Control Service Team were packing thier bags for a 4-day long, all-company safety and technical meeting. Trainers from Goulds Pump, Phoenix Contact, and ABB will conduct classes on Ethernet protocols and networks, the lastest in pump products from Goulds Pump, and in-depth classes and certification on ABB variable speed drives. To keep our employees and our customers safe in the workplace, all of our technicians will take refresher courses in CPR, First Aid, Electrical and Arc Flash Safety, and Trenching and Excavation safety.
Whatever we do at ProPump And Controls, we are determined to do it right, with the best trained technicians in the business!
Parts Website
ProPump And Controls, Inc. announces for Pump Station Operators and Service Contractors.
Combining two million dollars of specialized inventory with the experience gleaned from servicing thousands of turf and municipal water pumping stations for over 20 years, ProPump And Controls, Inc. is ideally positioned to offer it's many customers a unique online store to help with your maintenance and repair needs.
Our website offers clear photos of many specialty components, including rebuild kits for valves, pilot valves, and pumps, to help you identify the exact part you are looking for.
Order by credit card and save money on name brand components such as ABB variable speed drives, Allen-Bradley controls and starters, Phoenix Contact, Finder relays, Goulds pumps, Cla-Val, Valmatic, Sure-Flo, Badger Meter (Data Industrial) and many more. We also stock a versatile line of retro-fit pump control panels to fit any station, VFD or fixed-speed. Whether you maintain your own equipment, or you contract maintenance to a local service company, keeping parts on hand saves on high off-the-truck prices and reduces labor charges from additional trips.
Best of all, our knowledgeable parts sales and service team can help with equipment application, and answer your questions about replacements for obsolete parts for many different brands of pump stations.
Don't see it on our website, or need and unusual or unique piece of equipment? Call us, and we will research it for you.
Established service contractors are invited to call us at 800-414-0677 to establish a commercial account.
Personalized service from ProPump And Controls, Inc.: Working to Earn Your Business.
Keeping Up with New Technologies for Remote Monitoring
Dating back to 2004, our management recognized that in order for the company to continue to grow, we needed to develop expertise in markets outside of turf irrigation. And we did Today our SCADA and controls business in the industrial and municipal water and waste water markets is a significant portion of our sales.
When a company diversifies into other markets, it's redirected energy can come at the expense of customers in the original market, who may have long depended upon that company for their service needs. At ProPump, if anything our ventures into new markets have prepared us to serve our original base of clientele in ways we could not have imagined 15 years ago. SCADA, clean water technology such as UV filtration, radio networks and Ethernet communication systems are all in everyday use in municipal water and waste water systems. Emphasis on effluent disposal through irrigation, and restrictions on surface water bring these technologies onto golf courses. At ProPump And Controls, our business development has given us expertise you can depend on to guide you through the challenge ahead.
One of the fastest moving technologies in remote machine interface involves the use of cellular modems for data transmission. Cellular modems are not only cheaper than conventional radios systems, but the monthly charges from the network providers - Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc., - have dropped into the single digit numbers for modest data requirements. Systems can be set up for site-to-site communication via a pair of modems, or a single modem can be used to route data to a remote computer via the internet. ProPump has recently converted several SCADA systems with antiquated 1200 baud dial-up modems to cellular transmission systems. Everything about the new systems is better-lower equipment cost, simpler installation, higher transmission speed, lower polling timer, greater reliability, and monthly carier charges lowered to almost 1/10th of the previous charges. Truly a win for the customer!
If you are monitoring remote equipment, or would like to, call ProPump And Controls, today to see what options are available to you.
A partial list of our products and services:
--Flowtronex, Watertronics, and MCI Pump Stations: preventive maintenance, repairs, up grades, sales and installation
--Proflow 4 and Proflow 7: a new line of versatile mid-range controllers
--Parts, Parts, Parts! We stock VFD's, control panels, pumps, motors through 75 HP, Cla-Vals, check valves, electrical components, radios and more.
--Pre-Owned pump stations
--Pumps: Goulds, Berkeley, Grundfos, Cornell, Ebara; sales-service-reconditioning
--Wet Wells and Intakes: new installations, inspections, rehabilitation, slip-lining
--Radio Telemetry and Monitoring Systems; Licensed and Spread Spectrum, Radio Path Analysis
--Instrumentation: pressure switches and transducers, flowmeters, electrode and ultrasonic level sensors, power supplies, solenoid valves
Call one of our offices today to schedule your service or get a free estimate for repairs, upgrades or new equipent.
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